Jim's Country Jam

Twangin' and Hangin' Out


This is a list of musicians that have attended the jam in the last 8 years... we may have missed a couple. If you've played at Jim's Country Jam and you're not on this list, please drop us a reminder at The Music Room, or at our Facebook site.

The AM Band
*Jim Stringer (guitar, vocal, jam-master)
*T Bonta (piano, vocal)
*Carl Keesee (bass, vocal)
*John McGlothlin (drums, vocal)
*James Shelton (pedal steel, vocal)
Ralph Power (drums)
Dallas Wayne (bass, vocal)
Mark Viator (guitar)
Susan Maxey (vocal)
Richard Brock (harmonica)
Smokey (harmonica)
Joe Jerkins (guitar, vocal)
Carey Gibson (guitar)
Will Frye (guitar, vocal)
Alan Barnette (vocal)
Mitzi Henry(vocal)
Charlie Prichard (guitar, vocal)
Autumn & Denali (fiddle, piano)
Harper (National Anthem)
Stacy Stringer-Walters (vocal)
Jerry Sires (vocal)
Karen Poston (vocal)
Susanna Van Tassel (vocal)
Jerry Renshaw (guitar, vocal)
Gene Kurtz (bass, vocal)
Charlie Irwin (bass, vocal)
Roy Glaze (pedal steel, vocal)
Ira Greenstein (guitar)
Jason Arnold (bass, vocal)
Howard Kalish (fiddle, vocal)
Erik Metzger (piano, vocal)
Kevin Banforth (guitar, vocal)
Shaan Shirazi (guitar, bass, vocal)
Michael Reaux (guitar, vocal)
Cici Rios (vocal)
Jeff Tveraas (guitar, vocal)
Ralph Power (drums)
Dan Foster (fiddle, vocal)
Christi Foster (guitar, vocal)
Aubrey Slackey (guitar, vocal)
Tris Munsick (guitar, vocal)
Bob Apple (guitar, vocal)
Beth Lee (guitar, vocal)
Sharon Sandomirsky (guitar, vocal)
Mike Maddux (piano)
Jim Bowles (drums, vocal)
Luke (tenor sax)
Susan Koonz (rub board)
Ricky Rees (bass)
Vance Hazen (bass)
Johnny Cuviello (drums)
Chris Stringer (piano)
Roger Wallace (guitar, vocal)
Teri Joyce (guitar, voice)
John Chandler (drums, vocal)
Doug Strayhan (guitar, vocal)
Connie Hancock (vocal)
Glen Colling (guitar,vocal)
Ed Friedland (bass, vocal)
Dawn Miller (Friedland) (vocal)
Frank Plas (guitar)
Chris (lap steel)
Dean Stinsmuehler(bass)
Beaver Thomas (guitar)
Tom Cutty (guitar/mandolin)
John Christian (fiddle)
Bobby Snell (pedal steel)
Archie Cox (pedal steel)
Noel Joaquin Osborne (guitar)
JL Benton (vocal)
Jody Merrideth (vocal)
Francis Rheinhardt (vocal)
Brennen Leigh (guitar-vocal)
Leo Rondeau (guitar-vocal)
Steve DiVito (drums)
Christopher Krebs (bass)
Randy Glines (bass)
Kenny Kens (vocal/guitar)
Chip Dolan (piano/accordion)
Debra Hurd (piano)
Casey Gill (bass)
Lucky Tubb (vocal, guitar)
Tom & Elizabeth Pittman
Lauren Ellis (guitar, vocal)
Lynn Davis (bass)
Billy Dee (bass, vocal)
Tom Wilson (guitar, vocal)
Ruby Jane Smith (fiddle, vocal)
Phoebe Hunt (fiddle)
Paula Russell (vocal)
Michelle Harrington (vocal)
Jack O'Quinn (bass, vocal)
Sebastian Garcia (Not Elvis)
Nick Story (bass, vocal)
Jimmy Deveney (guitar, vocal)
Shawn Conway (harp)
Huck Johnson (bass, vocal)
Bo Porter (guitar, vocal)
John Lily (guitar, vocal)
Bill Kirchen (guitar, vocal)
Paul Padroza (NOT Johnny Cash)
Evan Christian
JWW (guitar, vocal)
Shannon Marino
Dean Stinsmuhler (bass)
Amanda Pearch (vocal)
Sly Barrack
Dave (guitar, vocal)
Silas Lowe (mandolin)
Beth Chrisman (fiddle)
Jenn Miori (guitar/vocal)
Archie Cox (steel)
Gerry Masimo (piano)
Devin "Jake" Preitauer (vocal)
Libbi Bosworth (vocal)
Karen Biller (drums)
Dave Biller (guitar)
Mickey Clark (guitar/vocal)
Anthony Locke (console steel)
Rose Sinclair (console steel)
"Lost" John Casner (piano, vocal)
Gaylynn Robinson (vocal, guitar)
John Russell (pedal steel, vocal)
Caroline Casey (guitar, vocal)
Boomer Norman (piano, drums)
Monica "L'il Mo" Passin (guitar, vocal)
Ruthie Logsdon (guitar, vocal)
Jimmy Deveeny (guitar)
Wade Russell (bass)
Rob Bollinger (guitar, bass)
Rob Harding (guitar, vocal)
David Webb (piano)
Ken Simpson (vocal)
Polk Shelton (vocal, guitar)
"Doppler" Bob (steel)
David Carroll (bass, vocal)
Jesse Gregg (vocal, guitar)
Bill Stephens (bass)
Jerry Howard (piano, vocal)
Nathan Tabor (guitar)
Josh Ribakove (guitar, vocal)
Mike Potter (bass, vocal)
Tony Williams (piano, vocal)
Mark Longsdorf (guitar)
Elle Mae (vocal)
Peggy Stern (piano/vocal)
Timothy Bray (vocal/guitar)
Wayne Dahl (pedal steel)
Barry Carstetter (guitar/vocal)
Craig Marshall (guitar/vocal)

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Jammer(s) of the Month

Mark Viator & Susan Maxey,  ...not just for the great music they've provided since the early days of JCJ, but because they recently celebrated  TWENTY-ONE years together! Congratulations, Mark and Susan.