Hey, y’all… this is my own note… I opted not to send the MoveOn, pre-written preface which, to me, rings doctrinaire. Blindly following a leader is wrong regardless of the leader’s political stance. However, on this issue, MoveOn is, in my opinion, clearly in the right and CBS is clearly bowing to political pressure.

MoveOn.org Voter’s fund sponsored a contest to create an ad to air during the Super Bowl. CBS has refused to air the ad, citing the equal time doctrine or some such rule. However, they are running a political ad sponsored by the Bush White House. It would certainly appear that the decision not to run the MoveOn ad is a payback for recent administration decisions which are favorable to CBS. Media acquiescence to political pressure is already a major issue in our country and this decision to censor a specific viewpoint framed in a paid advertisement sets a dangerous precedent.

The ad draws attention to the mounting annual deficit which, if something is not done quickly, will mount to almost $2 TRILLION as soon as 2005, according to recently released reports from the Congressional Budget Office. Folks… this is not the DEBT… it’s just the annual DEFICIT, the shortfall between government spending and income. The deficit is partially due to the downturn of the economy, but has been abetted by reckless tax cuts and exorbitant military spending for the war in Iraq . The deficit should be a central issue of the coming election. It’s not a partisan issue and it’s not unreasonable that the run this ad. If Super Bowl watchers don’t want to listen, they have a mute button. For those that would like to hear about it, CBS should not wield the master mute button!

I hope you’ll look at the ad and maybe add your own name to the MoveOn petition.



Jim Stringer