This picture was taken in August of 1962. Myself on the black DanElectro, Mike Forcade on drums, and Mike McDaniel seated on "bass". There are several items in this photo which bear noting: 1) There is just one amp with a bare speaker attached; 2) The Kitty, our tip jar on top of the amplifier; 3) The groovy narrow black ties; 4) Though you can't see, Mike's "bass" is just another DanElectro guitar tuned down like a baritone. I have a recording of the band dating from this time, an though the recording quality is pretty rude, the playing is actually surprisingly good. Click on the pic at left for a larger look.
We had these cards printed up -- probably in 1963. Steve Hansen had taken over the drum spot -- I can't really remember why, though he was an exceptionally talented musician for his age. Gayle Sanders joined us, at least for rehearsals... in fact, I'm not sure we had many gigs after Mike left the band. Gayle had a Fender Strat and a Super Reverb... can you imagine what that rig would be worth today!?!? I'm sure Gayle thinks about that. I was playing a Silvertone/Kay guitar through a Silvertone Twin-12, much like a twin, but MUCH gnarlier!