Here's a list of some folks for whom I've recorded or played a gig... some a lot, and for many years; some just one or two gigs or sessions.


The AM Band
Karen Poston
Ted Roddy
Susanna Van Tassel
Roger Wallace
The T Jarrod Quartet
Jason Arnold and the Stepsiders
Libby Bosworth
Marti Brom
Sarah Brown
Charlie Burton
The Casey Sisters
Caroline Casey
The Claymores
Gary Claxton
Glen Collins
Karen Collins Alvin Crow
Mac Curtis
Edge City
Rosie Flores
Ed Friedland (the Jim and Ed Duo)
Bobby Fuentes Y Los Flames
Tom Gavornik
Git Gone
Wayne Hancock
D.B. Harris Bill Hearne
Steve Hopkins
The Horton Brothers
The Hummingbirds
Mike Jasper
Teri Joyce
Dee Lannon
Jim Leslie
Liberty Ranch
Monica Passin (Li'l Mo and the Monicats)
Ed Pettersen (all e's, two t's)
Debra Peters
Bo Porter
Markus Rill
Leo Rondeau
Ruby Jane
Ruthie and the Wranglers
Teisco Del Rey
Jerry Sires Band
Texas Swing Kings
Floyd Tillman
Travis County Pickin'
Mark Viator/Susan Maxey
Eddie Walker
Chris Wall
Dallas Wayne
Asleep At The Wheel*

And some of the other fine musicians not listed above with whom I've recorded or gigged...

Current AM Band
T Jarrod Bonta (piano), Carl Keesee (bass), Ralph Power (drums),
James Shelton (pedal steel), Jenn Miori (featured vocalist)

Karen Biller, Lee Potter, Kevin Hall, Timmy Campbell,
Jon Hahn, John McLoughlin, John Chandler, Lisa Pankratz,
Buck Johnson, Mike Buck, Herb Belofsky, Chris Stringer,
Ron Erwin, Terry Kirkendall, Dave Sanger, Mike Middleton,
Ram Garza, Steve Wheles, Todd Gillette, Steve Hall, Shaun Young,
Tom Lewis, Pat Carpenter, Dennis O'Toole, Bobby Teimble, Bobby Fuentes, Mambo John Treanor, Spencer Jarmon, Donald Lindley,
Jim Bowles, Patrick Morrow

Sharon Ward, Brad Fordham, Dave Wesselowski, Ed Friedland
Sarah Brown, David Carroll, Ric Ramirez, Gene Kurtz,
Charlie Irwin, Ethan Shaw, Vance Hazen, Karen Hein,
Billy Horton, Kevin Smith, Randy Glines, Brent Wilson,
Charles Larky, Jimmy Pettit, B.B. Morse, Scott Esbek,
Rob Jewett, Chris Johnson, Dan Enriquez, Brendon Ryan,
Ryan Gould, Beau Sample, Ricky Rees, Justin Trevino,
Larry Eisenberg, Ben Eisenberg, Vic Gerard, Jim Leslie, Mark Ruben, Skinny Don Keeling, Huck Johnson

Steel and other guitar players
Roy Glaze, Boomer Norman, Charlie Prichard, Dave Biller,
Joel Hamilton, Herb Steiner, Ricky Davis, Marty Muse,
Tommy Detamore, Scott Walls, Bill Terry, Casper Rawls,
Sean Mencher, Brian Hofelt, Andrew Nafziger, Lloyd Maines,
Bobby Snell, Cindy Cashdollar, Kevin Owens, Jeremy Wakefield,
Paul Skelton, Derek O'Brien, Shaan Shirazi, Rick Poss,
Jeff Ross, Matt Brooks, Jerry Renshaw, Tjarko Jeen,
Grady Pinkerton, J.D. Pendley, Troy Wells, Bobby Horton,
Kim Deschamps, Al Kentfield, Charlie Prichard, Burton Lee

Misc instruments

Erik Hokkanen (fiddle), Ruby Jane (fiddle), Darcy Deaville (fiddle),
Chip Dolan (piano, accordion), Mike Maddox (piano, accordion),
Amy Ferris (fiddle), Alvin Crow (fiddle), Sean Orr (fiddle),
Pete Stiles (mandolin), Johnny Gimble (fiddle & mandolin),
Howard Kalish (fiddle), Chris Stringer (piano), Earl "Poole" Ball (piano), Sean Orr (fiddle), Beth Chrisman (fiddle)

Other vocalists
"Uptown" Alan Barnette, Rachel "Li'l Rachel" Fenton, Mitzi Henry, Bear McCready, Elizabeth McQueen, Devin, Jenn Miori

...and some fine players from my KC years
Steve Hall, Paul Miller, Greg Mackender, Bill Lynch, Tim Smith, Steve Rice, Scott Donaldson, Jack Manahan, Tom Burdine, Scott Korchack,
Garth Fundis, Kelley Hunt, Marvin Hunt, Paul Dalen, Janet Jamison,
Allen Weiss, Billy Spears, Susan Hyde-Holmes, Todd Gillette,
Russ Colombo, Ira Greenstein, Tom Montgomery, Bob Bowman,
Gary Foster, Bobby Shew, Paul Gray, Tommy Johnson,
Phil Burger, Ron Snapp, Mike Beisner, Joe Utterback,
Jack Mouse, Bud Pettit, Andy Curry, John Lomas,
Rick Moors, Steve Barncard, Gayle Sanders, Steve "Duck" McClain, Mike Forcade, Mike McDaniel, Steve Henry, Jim Sweeney, Scott Campbell, Clyde Bysom ... my brain's burnin' out...

And over the years:
Tide (1968-1974)
The Upside Dawne(1966-1968)
Claude "Fiddler" Williams(1980's)
Paul Gray's Jazz Band with Jay McShann(1980's)
The Billy Spears Band
Tom Montgomery Trio

And the REALLY odd ones!
The Drifters (ca. 1966)
Eddie Harris (ca. 1980)
Joe Williams (ca. 1975)
Henry Cuesta (ca. 1980)
Mac Curtis (ca. 1998)

Appeared on a bill with...

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Chicago, Guess Who,
Delaney & Bonny with Eric Clapton,
Edgar Winter, Vassar Clements, Bryan Bowers,
The New Grass Revival, It's a Beautiful Day,
Brewer & Shipley, Mitch Ryder,
Five Man Electrical Band, Muddy Waters,
Steve Martin, John McEuen, Emmylou Harris,
Sweethearts of the Rodeo, Carlene Carter,
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, Kansas,
Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes... bunch of others

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