Some Great Guitarists -- I've learned from listening to these guys. You can find alot of info on the internet by plugging their name into a "Google" Search... or just click on the name -- I've linked 'em to a site to get you started.

Merle Travis A true renaissance man... thumb picker extraordinaire, story teller, cartoonist, singer and songwriter
Chet Atkins As close to a perfect picker as I have ever heard... every note is a work of art. Chet's guitar is on a good portion of everything I listened to as a young person.
James Burton James is the paradigm against which I compare all other pickers... he's got it all -- tone, soul, concept, technique. I heard him first with Ricky Nelson and he's blown me away with each and every project he's taken on.
Scotty Moore His playing was the reason I first put a guitar in my hands in 1956. Thanks Scotty.
Django Reinhardt I was fortunate to discover Django at an early age, though my appreciation of his playing has only increased over the years.
Freddy King I learned all Freddy King's instrumentals. The first time I heard "Hideaway", I was riding with my brother Tom. He stopped by the side of the road and I literally fell out of the car with disbelief at the incredible tune we'd just heard.
Joe Pass - I picked up the Pacific Jazz "For Django" LP in about 1966... wow.
Howard Roberts - still one of my favorite players. He's got great tone and attack.
Wes Montgomery - It's a battle between Wes and Django for the greatest ever jazzer... could never choose.
Ralph Mooney - When I was a kid, I didn't know there was such a thing as a "pedal steel". I'd hear Ralph playing with Wynn Stewart or Warren Smith... I thought it was just a really wild guitar, so I'd try to play those string bends.
Nokie Edwards & The Ventures - About half my repertoire in my first band. Thank gawd for The Ventures... I learned to play melody!
Don Rich
Roy Nichols
Eldon Shamblin
Junior Barnard
Jimmy Bryant
Speedy West
Duane Eddy
Hank Garland
Grady Martin
Bob Wills - lots of good stories and links on this page.
Frank Plas w/ The Fabulous Silvertones

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