Prohibition is Big Business

Today, Tommy Chong (yes, Cheech and Chong) was sentenced to 9 months in prison and a $2000 fine for… are you ready… CONSPIRING TO SELL PARAPHERNALIA!!! Yes… he committed the dread offense to any sensible society of BLOWING GLASS!!!

Shall we stay quiet and see just how hypocritical our society and government must get before we run into the streets looking for heads to skewer on stakes. Folks… this is as absurd as it gets and it’s time to put a halt to this lunacy.

It’s all because of the terror cause by the demon, marijuana. Yes… I’m talkin’ reefer madness. I’ve seen ‘em smoke it… makes ‘em go wild… killin’ the innocent, stealin’, lyin’ and cheatin’… no… wait… I’m confusing smoking marijuana with being elected to public office. Marijuana has no known adverse effects.

Marijuana has been around since the beginning of recorded history. It use in implicated in some of civilization’s most revered philosophy, music and art. So why has it caused such a furor that we’re willing to send someone to prison for merely manufacturing glass objects which might be used to burn and ingest the fumes of the plant.

Unlike, say, alcohol, marijuana is a naturally occurring plant, it requires no manufacture, no cultivation, no chain of distribution. Ya’ just pick it, hang it upside down for a couple of days, and smoke it. If it were not illegal to grow pot in one’s backyard, it would be worth NOTHING! Could this be a clue as to its illegality!?

The cultivation, distribution and sale of pot is a multi-billion dollar industry according to government figures. Just tallying on the fingers with very conservative figures – lets see – 20 millions casual smoker spending $100 every three months -- comes to $8 billion. And remember, I said conservative figures… it’s likely a much larger “industry” since I suspect there are many more smokers spending much more and more often. By contrast, consider that the U.S. record industry generates about $12 billion, are they aren’t managed by criminals and bandits… no wait, bad choice of comparisons. But the point is, by dint of its illegality, marijuana is big business, and if growing a personal stash was not prohibited by law, many wealthy folks would be deprived of income!

I think it’s clear from history that when large sums of money are involved, the standard of behavior of those who thrive on power and wealth becomes marginal.  I’m suggesting that illegality of marijuana is absurd – it makes no sense… at least until you consider the money involved. Murders have been committed for a couple of dollars. For $8 billion plus, I’m certain some folks might try to influence a legislator.

It makes no difference whether you and I are smokers or not. It is an outrage that must end. The prohibition of marijuana costs our society BILLIONS, imprisons thousands of innocents while putting BILLIONS in the pockets of heinous individuals. Go public TODAY… tell your legislator how you feel. I’m telling you… it won’t wreck our society… it won’t hurt our children… we’ll feel better.