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This poster was designed by Tom Korchak, Scott's father. He was an ad-man in Kansas City. The "Love and Happiness Kalaidoscope" was our light show with overhead , film and slide projectors manned by "The Wiz", Bob Szchousky  (I'm sure I've not even come close to spelling his name right.) This is the "final" version of The Upside Dawne. Upper row, left to right: Garth Fundis, Jim Stringer; Bottom row: Scott Korchak, Paul Miller, Steve Hall, Jack Manahan. Note the suits -- Steve, Jack Scott and myself all match. Paul and Garth were the newcomers and had to improvise.
The Red Dog Inn was the place to play. These days, it's still open as Liberty Hall. I don't remember Bob Marriotte and the Continentals, but The Jerms were a fine band from Topeka and of course Wilson Pickett needs no introduction. This ad is from the University Daily Kansan in, spring 1967. Another club where the band played locally was The Village Green which was on the corner of 23rd and Naismith in Lawrence -- it's been a Payless Shoe Store for years now. My first night in Lawrence as a KU student, I saw Mike Finnigan & the Serfs at this club and my musical expectations have never been the same.